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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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When in Rome!!

Posted on: 22.01.2015

  This article is of interest to me because I am going to spend a few days in Naples and

Enjoying Vintage Prosecco with Primo Franco

Posted on: 19.01.2015

Primo Franco of the Nino Franco Winery is the first man of Prosecco and I always enjoy hearing him speak

Celebrating “La Befana”

Posted on: 12.01.2015

From beginning to end, it was a wonderful holiday season with good food, good wine and most of all good

Prosecco On Tap!

Posted on: 10.01.2015

The Saturday 10 January 2015 Italy’s prosecco makers go to war against British pubs selling it on tap A

Starbucks In Italy?

Posted on: 07.01.2015

The following article was posted in PIAZZA LIFE by Gianluca Rottura. I posted this article because I agree with Gianluca