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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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A Taste of Puglia at SD 26 in NYC

Posted on: 20.10.2014

At a recent tasting and dinner at SD26, I was very impressed by the wines of Alberto Longo. I have

Understanding the Challenging Wine Market in the USA

Posted on: 16.10.2014

The following excellent article was written by Cathy Huyghe for Forbes Food and Drink. The article gives one of the

The White Wines of Campania Part II

Posted on: 13.10.2014

There were so many great white wines from Campania at the recent Wine Media Guild tasting and lunch that I

Pizza and Hygienic Terrorism in Italy

Posted on: 10.10.2014

The following article was published  by Jeremy Parzen on his Blog Do Bianchi  Does Pizza Cause Cancer? Italy’s Big Pizza

White Wines of Campania: Part 1

Posted on: 06.10.2014

  When Tom Maresca, member sponsor of the event,  sent me the list of Campania wines for the Wine Media Guild