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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Ronco Del Gelso “Old Style Wines”

Posted on: 21.07.2014

After the winners of the 2014 International Pinot Grigio Challenger were announced, I visited several winemakers near Cormons. Giorgio Badin,

International Grapes but not International Style

Posted on: 18.07.2014

Franco Bengazi from The Wine Emporium, wine importers and distributors, introduced me to Tiziano Vistalli when I was in Florence

A Classic Chianti Rufina from Frescobaldi

Posted on: 14.07.2014

At a recent tasting of Frescobaldi wines, Galen Crippin, the export manager, introduced a new wine, the Nipozzano Vecchie Viti

Tasting Soave

Posted on: 08.07.2014

Soave has always been one of my favorite white wines. It is undervalued and always a great bargain on restaurant

2014 International Pinot Grigio Challenge

Posted on: 30.06.2014

The 2014 International Pinot Grigio Challenge was held in Corno Di Rosazzo, near Udine in the Northeastern Italian region of