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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Tom Maresca’s Campania Stories

Posted on: 30.03.2015

This is a three part article by Tom Maresca on his adventures in Campania in March. I have printed the

Alfonso Cevola: A Dear John Letter to Veronafiere

Posted on: 28.03.2015

Alfonso Cevola  has been attending Vinitaly for many years.  He gives his opinion on this years event and why it

Alfonso Cevola on Barolo’s Best Vineyards

Posted on: 19.03.2015

Barolo’s Greatest Vineyards Ranked © Mick Rock/Cephas | Barolo experts are in agreement over the superlative quality of Rocche di

One Wine Bar, One Restaurant and Tartufo in Rome

Posted on: 19.03.2015

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Rome and Michele and I try to eat in as many as possible.

Classic Roman Restaurants

Posted on: 16.03.2015

Michele and I rented a apartment in Rome for two weeks. It is in the Monti area which is very