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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Charles Scicolone on Wine

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Is High Alcohol the New Norm in Italian Wines?

Posted on: 25.04.2015

   Hot Italian Wines: Is 15% abv the new 14%? Vineyard practices and climate change have yielded wines with high

Amphora Wine

Posted on: 23.04.2015

The following article appeared in Decanter Magazine.  It is of interest because these wines are made by wine makers that

Rose at its Best!

Posted on: 20.04.2015

Every other year in the summer, Michele and I rent a house in Provence with another couple. The husband likes

Natural Wine??

Posted on: 19.04.2015

The following article appeared in Newsweek. I agree with many of the points made by the author in this interesting

Making Carciofi alla Giudia at Home

Posted on: 18.04.2015

Deep Fried Roman Artichokes – Carciofi alla Giudia This article was written by Josephine Wennerhome,-see the link to her web-site below.