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Ithacork will rise again!

Posted on: 30.11.2009

Hey gang, I’ve been hiatus for a couple weeks now, and it’s high time I explained myself. I am in

The soul of Witte

Posted on: 04.11.2009

Brewery Ommegang Witte Style: Belgian-style Wheat Ale with Traditional Spices Color (light, amber, or dark): Light ABV: 5.1% Price Point:

Hybrid genetics

Posted on: 02.11.2009

An article I wrote for the New York Cork Report is generating some interesting debate. Seems like there are strong

Far above Cayuga wine

Posted on: 29.10.2009

Lucas Vineyards Cayuga White 2008 Appellation: Finger Lakes Grape: Cayuga White ABV: 11% RS: 2.4% (wow, it’s been a while

The opposite of Sagan

Posted on: 28.10.2009

This woman is an optometrist. Assumedly, this woman has been through 13 years of education up to high school and