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The Other 46

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The Other 46

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Three Sisters Vineyards 2008 Cynthiana

Posted on: 13.04.2014

Cynthiana, also known as Norton, is the oldest native North American variety in commercial cultivation today. Popular in the mid-Atlantic

The Wine Label

Posted on: 25.01.2014

The back label of wine bottles can be valuable real estate. Unfortunately, this area is often overlooked. I recently opened

Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery

Posted on: 29.11.2013

What happens when a winemaking hobby becomes too big? If you’re David Butkovich, you open a winery and follow your dream

St. Ambrose Cellars

Posted on: 27.10.2013

If you like meads and haven’t tasted an example from St. Ambrose Cellars, you are truly missing out. Located in

Florida Local

Posted on: 14.10.2013

Fall is my favorite time of year in Orlando when the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival makes its annual