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BKWine Blog

Paris, Ile de France, France
Category of blog: Editorial Wine Blog
Country: France
Region: Ile de France
City: Paris
Language: English
Accept samples: Yes
Accepts Press Trips: Yes

Blog Authors

Per Karlsson
Britt Karlsson
BKWine Blog
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About this Wine Blog:

The BKWine Blog covers a broad range of subjects on wine. It\'s simply our editorial blog where we publish much of our writing.

RSS Feed Entries

Are old vines always better?

Posted on: 19.04.2014

At what age is a vine at its best? When visiting wineries in New World countries you are sometimes

Copper, less dangerous than we think? Or not?

Posted on: 18.04.2014

At the end of May, the EU Commission will decide whether to keep the present levels of copper permitted

A few good wines we would have liked to have shared with you…

Posted on: 17.04.2014

This month, under the heading “Uncorked”, we focus on some gems that we found in the wine cellar. A

Save the old (unknown?) grape varieties

Posted on: 16.04.2014

There are several hundred grape varieties that can be used by winemakers in different countries. But the major well

Exclusive finds in the Portuguese wine cellar and Swedish gastronomy

Posted on: 15.04.2014

Is it time to re-evaluate Portuguese wines? One can find many rarities in Portugal that can be proudly served