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Chérie Du Vin

Paris, all, France
Category of blog: Editorial Wine Blog
Country: France
Region: all
City: Paris
Language: English/French
Accept samples: Yes
Accepts Press Trips: Yes

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Paige Donner
Chérie Du Vin
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About this Wine Blog:

You will LOVE my wine picks! ♥Chérie Du Vin

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Paris GOODfood+wine Episode 1

Posted on: 16.01.2015

by Paige Donner The first episode of Paris GOODfood+wine was aired, as scheduled, on January 11th. What could never have

Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC – The Other Sweet French Wine

Posted on: 30.12.2014

by Paige Donner The World of Wine has endless gems in store for you to discover. That is what’s so

Gérard Bertrand’s Book About His Life In Wine

Posted on: 29.12.2014

All photos by Paige Donner © Gérard Bertrand is one of those rare Frenchmen in wine – a former rugby star

Food Books by French Authors Make Good Gifts

Posted on: 11.12.2014

Originally posted on Local Food And Wine:by Paige Donner Any season is a good season to give the gift of

Hospices de Beaune Auction Sale 2014 Busts All Previous Records

Posted on: 17.11.2014

by Paige Donner This year’s Hospices de Beaune wine auction, the celebrated annual Burgundy wine event, not only surpassed all