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London, England, United Kingdom
Category of blog: Editorial Wine Blog
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England
City: London
Language: English
Accept samples: Yes
Accepts Press Trips: Yes
About this Wine Blog:

Two gentlemen facing their mid-life terroirs

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Top glass

Posted on: 16.04.2015

All too often I visit IKEA. Or to rephrase, to visit IKEA at all is too often. But once in

Countdown to Ecstasy: Denbies Surrey Gold

Posted on: 09.04.2015

So a week has passed since all the excitement, and it's back to business, here in the parched and seamy

The (actually) award-winning Sediment

Posted on: 02.04.2015

It is rare for both of us to be flabbergasted. Oh, CJ can get aerated, about the prices on the

On The Cheap: Rawson's Retreat

Posted on: 26.03.2015

So the Brother-in-Law has gone to France for a day and come back with a whole year's worth (he says)

Wipe away those cares and woes...

Posted on: 19.03.2015

There’s always another worry for me in this wine-drinking malarkey. “Anxiety irradiating every word” was how CJ described one of