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London, England, United Kingdom
Category of blog: Editorial Wine Blog
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England
City: London
Language: English
Accept samples: Yes
Accepts Press Trips: Yes
About this Wine Blog:

Two gentlemen facing their mid-life terroirs

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And if one green bottle… : Mateus Rosé

Posted on: 28.05.2015

Of course I went to the London Wine Fair. How else am I going to taste wine I cannot afford?

Cooking à la Cordon Bleu: Margaux

Posted on: 21.05.2015

So PK says to me the other day, 'The thing is, you think you can cook, but can't; while I

Don't tell me how to drink my wine!

Posted on: 14.05.2015

It’s a terribly English trait to resent being told what to do. Tell an Englishman that he might be standing

The Race To The Bottom: Bella Vite

Posted on: 07.05.2015

So the wife and I are in Sicily for a week, and everything is very agreeable, sun shining,delightful little streets, fantastic

Spring wine – a cautionary tale

Posted on: 30.04.2015

Mrs K: “Evening, dear!”PK: “Evening!”“Oooh, it’s so nice to finish work and have the sun shining. Lovely! Shall we have