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Song for Today: Three Days, Four Nights

Posted on: 08.03.2013

A lovely and haunting song perfect for this rainy afternoon, taken from the Castanets’ 2004 album ‘Cathedral’. I love this

Well this is outdated….

Posted on: 19.07.2012

But sort of thinking of picking things back up again. Looking back at this format though, I’m not entirely sure

Italy Pics, Part 1

Posted on: 18.03.2011

Coming in two parts, sorry people… Pics from a recent trip to Milan in northern Italy (also Genoa, coming in

Do Consumers Even Like Barolo?

Posted on: 26.02.2011

Above: Which way Barolo? A signpost at an overlook in La Morra showing the distance to neighboring communes. So, do

Waiter: Bring Me the ’66 Thunderschewitz!

Posted on: 14.01.2011

Here at the Spume HQ, we’re passing some rather cold San Francisco nights revisiting, chronologically of course, Matt Groening’s awesome