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Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Category of blog: Wine Rating Blog
Country: United States
Region: Connecticut
City: Stamford
Language: English
Accept samples: No
Accepts Press Trips: No

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Anatoli Levine
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Wednesday’s Meritage – Wine Quiz Answer, Wine and Biodynamics, Rioja Week in New York, Water Witching and #winechat tonight

Posted on: 23.04.2014

Meritage time! Let’s start with the answer to the wine quiz #99, Grape Trivia – Blends, Part 3. For the

Passion for Jura – The Land

Posted on: 22.04.2014

Let’s say you are talking to an oenophile. Ask her to name the major wine regions in France. I’m sure

Syrah – Nice and Spectacular, Plus a Case Buy Recommendation

Posted on: 20.04.2014

Syrah wines have a special status in our house – this is my wife’s most favorite type of wine, so

Weekly Wine Quiz #99: Grape Trivia – Blends, Part 3

Posted on: 19.04.2014

The Wine Quiz series is not meant to intimidate. The whole idea here is to have fun and learn something

A Night of Great Food and Great Wine – Arezzo in Westport, CT

Posted on: 17.04.2014

Have you ever been in the situation where you read about the restaurant and look at the menu, and your