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Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Category of blog: Wine Rating Blog
Country: United States
Region: Connecticut
City: Stamford
Language: English
Accept samples: No
Accepts Press Trips: No

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Anatoli Levine
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Spanish Wine Recommendations, Part 1 – Wines under $20

Posted on: 24.03.2015

List, list, list – who doesn’t like to make lists? Especially the lists of your favorites, where you basically regurgitate

Of Wine And Balance

Posted on: 21.03.2015

When assessing the wine, there are many characteristics which are important. The color, the intensity and the type of the

Top Highlights From Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri 2015

Posted on: 19.03.2015

At this point, you most likely already read a number of reviews from Gambero Rosso 2015 (here are the links

Daily Glass: Humbled By The Wine (Again)

Posted on: 15.03.2015

The inner snob (unsilenceable). The charade of expectation. All together in a conundrum. Yeah, I know I’m not making sense.

A Few Blog Updates

Posted on: 11.03.2015

Actual title which I wanted to use for this short post was talking about SSP (Shameless Self Promotion, of course),