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The Wine Dog Review

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The Wine Dog Review

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Posted on: 28.03.2010

Wine – Dog Lovers Wine Club Here’s a great way to support my pooch pals in shelters around the country.

We have a new address!!

Posted on: 13.03.2010

Update your links my pals, we have a new home on the web.  I have a domain that suits me:

Vouvray and Appetizers for a Pug Visit

Posted on: 24.02.2010

My pug pals belong to one of Valerie’s friends.  They live over one block, and we sometimes meet them in

The Gorge in Winter

Posted on: 05.02.2010

Well, Spring is around the corner and road trips are in my veins, so off we went to tred the

JRDN, A Modern Oasis In PB

Posted on: 16.01.2010

PB equals Pacific Beach, CA, a beach community just north of San Diego’s Sea World.  We have pals in San