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San Francisco, California, United States of America
Category of blog: Food and Wine
Country: United States of America
Region: California
City: San Francisco
Language: English
Accept samples: Yes
Accepts Press Trips: Yes

Blog Authors

Amy Cleary
About this Wine Blog:

Former food and wine publicist for the University of California Press. Food eater, wine drinker.

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Wines of La Vuelta: The Final Stage: Recaredo Brut Nature Cave 2008

Posted on: 14.09.2014

Santiago de Compostela 9.7 km TimetrialAnd this is how the Vuelta ends: with a short time trial. No changes are

Wines of La Vuelta Stage 17: Envinate Vina de Aldea

Posted on: 10.09.2014

 Ortigueira - A Coruña 190.7 kmAnd they are back from a rest day with a likely to be dull sprint

Wines of La Vuelta Stage 13: Lopez de Heredia Blanco 2004

Posted on: 05.09.2014

Belorado - Obregón. Parque de Cabárceno 188.7 kmThe stage:One for a breakaway? Maybe. Inrng and Podium Cafe suggest Philippe Gilbert.

Wines of La Vuelta Stage 12: Gonzalo Gonzalo Rioja Gran Cerdo

Posted on: 04.09.2014

The stage: Well, that is not an inspiring profile, unless you are a sprinter.  Of course, no Cav at the

Wines of La Vuelta Stage 11: Quintana Out and Pacharan

Posted on: 03.09.2014

Pamplona - Santuario de San Miguel de Aralar 153.4 kmTwo days in a row with a Vuelta post! Actually, there